Windows 2012 NIC Teams

What is NIC teaming?

It is a group NICs together to act as a single unit.
Some Advantage of NIC Teaming:

Load Balancing When we have two or more NICs, we can distribute and balance the network traffic across each NIC in a team.
Hint: when you team together two 10 GbE NICs, you don’t get a 20 GbE pipe, Instead you get the ability to distribute traffic across two 10 GbE NICs

Failover Services that are important to the business usually have a service-level agreement (SLA) indicating that they must be available to the customer a certain percentage of the time.
To avoid single faulty switch to bring down the entire service by affecting network s availability; it is a Network features like fault-tolerant storage and highly available Hyper-V hosts

There is no need any more for hardware manufacture NIC Team solution, which was not supported by Microsoft.

NIC Team is a feature added to Microsoft windows 2012, and it is hardware independent; that mean you can build NIC team even by using different model, from any manufacturer and can even be of different speeds(not recommended).

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