Sybase Create Login and Change Password

Sybase Create database Login using Sybase Central

I will walk you through creating and changing login for Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0. Using Sybase Central and sql commands

Let’s start by launch Sybase Central


Connect to Sybase database server

Expand to Logins, and then right click new—Login


Specify login name and password them click next


Select the default database for the login


Assign access to other databases and then click finish


The login account created; let’s take a look to properties


From General tab you can see the default database assigned to login


From parameters tab you can “Lock Account”, “Change Password” and “Expire Password” in addition to login policy

SYB_08  SYB_08b

You can select roles for the login from Roles (ex. Sa_role)


Add aliases for the login



How to change the password of other login in Sybase?

Any user with sso_role can change password of other user.

Steps for changing other user password from isql. using command

  1. Login to SYBASE ASE
  2. Check your assigned priviledge.You should have sso_role



  1. Changing Passowrd of Other User.


 sp_password  ‘your_passord’, ‘New_password_for _other_user’, ‘other_user_name’

  1. Login to SYBASE ASE.
  2. Check your assigned privilege

1> sp_activeroles

2> go

Role Name




Suppose that user, who has log in with sso role, his name is ‘ahmet’ and his password ‘ ahmet123’.  And ahmet is changing password of other user whose name is ‘ yakup’ and his new password is ‘ yakup123’.

1> sp_password ‘ahmet123′,’yakup123′,’yakup’

2> go

Password correctly set.

(return status = 0)

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