Setting up iLO 2

How to configure HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO) Step by Step

 The HP iLO 2 management processor provides multiple ways to configure,

update, operate, and manage servers remotely. The HP ProLiant Storage

Server comes preconfigured with iLO 2 default factory settings, including a

default user account and password. These settings can be found on the

iLO 2 Default Network Settings tag found on the front of the server.


If iLO 2 is connected to a network running DNS and DHCP, you can use it

immediately without changing any settings.

To quickly setup iLO 2 using the default settings for iLO 2 Standard and

iLO 2 Advanced features, follow the steps below

1- Ensure that a network cable is connected to the iLO 2 port (1) located on the back of the storage server.

ML350_01 ML350_02

2- If not using dynamic DHCP (IP addressing), you will need to input a

static IP address by using the direct attach method and the iLO 2 RBSU.

*During the POST press F8 when prompted to access the ILO configuration utility.




3- If desired, you can change the default user name and password on

the administrator account to your predefined selections.


5- Set up your user accounts, if using the local accounts feature.


6- Activate iLO 2 advanced features by entering a license key from the

included ProLiant Essentials Integrated Lights-Out 2 Advanced Pack.

7- Access the HP ProLiant Storage Server using the iLO 2 Remote Console

functionality. Log in to the HP ProLiant  Server. The HP

ProLiant Storage Server Management console starts automatically.




For more information on using HP iLO 2, see the HP Integrated Lights-Out 2

User Guide.Lights-Out 2 User Guide


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