Reverse Proxy

Forefront Threat Management Gateway


Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 is an integrated edge security gateway from Microsoft. It is a Common Criteria certified (EAL4+) enterprise-class application-layer firewall that includes support for proxy services (forward and reverse proxy), content caching, and VPN (both site-to-site and remote access). Forefront TMG is licensed per processor; no client access licenses are required. It can be deployed in all of these roles, or any subset of them.

REVERSE PROXY & Load balance


When we hear about proxy server; the first thing comes in our mind is the server which forwards the Request to internet (for internet access) and that is not wrong
Proxy server mostly used in every environment in Forward Proxy Server Mode
My goal is to cover what is a proxy server, and what is different proxy server’s mode,

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