Auto launch and shutdown guest within VMware Workstation

Auto launch and shutdown guest within VMware Workstation

I was asked many times for easy way to auto/schedule launch and gracefully shutdown guest operating systems within VMware Workstation.
So I decided to write this article that provides step-by-step instructions on how to automatically launch and/or shut down a guest OS from within the VMware

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Troubleshoot VM activation on Azure

Troubleshoot VM activation on Azure

I have been configuring a VM’s on Azure and that connected to my premise data-center with S2S VPN.

I noticed that My VM not activated


Map local Disk /CD to Azure Virtual Machine

How to map local  Disk/ DVD drive to Azure Virtual Machine?


Anyone familiar with Terminal server or RD already knows how to map local disk/CD to the server.

The same way can be used to map local disk/DVD drive with Azure Virtual Machine, assuming that you already have installed and started VM on the cloud (Microsoft Azure)