Sybase ASE Create database device GUI

Sybase ASE creates a database on a device, which means you have to create a device first with a proper size before creating a database.
In this post I will walk you through these steps:
1- Create a data and log Device
2- Create a database on a multiple device
3- Load the database
4- Dump database
Create database device using Sybase Central ‘GUI’
From “Database Device” container, Click “Add Database Device”

Specify the name of the database device and device path
Example: data2
A device number uniquely identify the device; leave the default value unless you have specific need. And then specify the device size; I will skip the initialization of device.

Optionally you can specify how data is to be transferred to the database.
Click next; Review the summary if it is fine click Finish otherwise click back to modify the setting.

Now you can see the new device “data2” is created in “Database Device” container

Right click on data2 and click properties.
You can see device type, path and physical name.
And you can see the remaining space and the databases on the device

Follow the steps above to create a log database “log2” , which we will use it at the next step when we create a database.
Create database device using command
You can create the database device illustrated above using isql or command line by execute the following command.
Using CLI to Creating multiple devices and databases will be much faster; in addition to the ability to use a scheduled task and script to automate the process.

Create Database  –>Next

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