Visual SourceSafe Undo Check Out

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 -Undo Someone Else’s Check Out

As a VSS administrator from time-to-time you may asked to undo someone else’s checked out file for many reasons; The person may left the company on vocation and he checked out these files in Visual Source Safe (VSS), but did not check them back in. As a result, Visual Studio won’t let others to make any changes to these files.
VSS users cannot check someone else’s files back in because the option to undo check out is greyed-out on a file that someone else has checked out. But if you run VSS as the Admin user, you can undo check out for another user.
You can use methods below to run VSS as Admin

Method 1: start Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Visual SourceSafe Click File >Open SourceSafe Database>
Select the database and type username “Admin”
Type username and password for “Admin” user
Right click the file that you want to undo and notice “Undo check out” enable now

Method 2: as an alternative from command line you can run commands below.
Change directory to VSS installation folder and then run “SSEXP.EXE” -yadmin”
Type username and password for “Admin” user


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