Month: October 2015

Troubleshoot VM activation on Azure

Troubleshoot VM activation on Azure

I have been configuring a VM’s on Azure and that connected to my premise data-center with S2S VPN.

I noticed that My VM not activated


How to delete a team project in TFS 2010?

How to delete a team project in TFS 2010?


If you are using Team Foundation Server, you definitely have been in the situation that you want to delete a Team Project.

To delete a Team project, you have two possibilities.
1. Team Foundation Administration console
2. Visual Studio Command-line


Map local Disk /CD to Azure Virtual Machine

How to map local  Disk/ DVD drive to Azure Virtual Machine?


Anyone familiar with Terminal server or RD already knows how to map local disk/CD to the server.

The same way can be used to map local disk/DVD drive with Azure Virtual Machine, assuming that you already have installed and started VM on the cloud (Microsoft Azure)


Windows 2012 ISCSI Server as a storage device for vSphere 6

Windows 2012 ISCSI Server as a storage device for vSphere



You should have a central storage like SAN in order to play with the VMware advance feature like HA, vMotion, FT…Etc, but that is not always possible for Lab or evaluation.

In my previous posts, I showed you how to install and setup HPLeftHand P4000 on ESX and provide a shared storage for VMware.

In this blog I will show you how to use Microsoft windows 2012 ISCSI solution as a shared storage for VMware.

I will not walk you through the step to setup iSCSI Target; if you are interested in step-by-step   iSCSI Target setup take a look in to Microsoft iSCSI Solution.

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