Sybase ASE created database GUI

After we created successfully Sybase data and log device in previous post, I will continue to the next step and create Database for load on the device created earlier

Create database using Sybase Central ‘GUI’
From the “Database” container, Click “Add Database”

Specify the name of the database
Example: myDatabase1

Specify the devices that the database will create on, Click “Add”

Choose the device and specify the desired size for the data (Note: you can modify “increase size” as needed) click OK
Example: data2 and 10MB

Click Add again and choose device for transaction log and specify size
Example: log1 and 3MB

I will check “For load” because I want to use this database to load data from dump in my next post.
Click Next, Next
Review the setting if it is setting is fine click Finish otherwise click back to modify.

Now you can see in the “Databases” container; the new database “MyDatabase1” is created for load

Create database using command
You can create the database above on data2 and log1 devices using isql or command line by execute the following command

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