Activate VM on Azure

My VM not activated on Azure on my virtual network !!

I have been configuring a VM’s on Azure and that connected to my premise data-center with S2S VPN.

I created several VM´s in Azure and during that process I connected them to premise network. I noticed that these VM´s was not activated.


The reason for this was that I only added my local DNS in the networking dns settings, and the VM´s points to a KMS in Azure and since the name resolution was not working the VM´s could not be activated.

If you know the reason, solving the problem will become quite easy

There is two way to solve this issue

1- Add KMS IP address to Host Table.

From your any PC have internet access type “ping” on the command prompt

Then you will get the IP address for the KMS server


Modify host file for the VM on Azure


And try to activate again


2- Add a second DNS

add a second DNS server to Azure network configuration


As an example, add the Google dns server, and then start the VM’s; you will see successfully activated


Done ..

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