Cisco WebEX

Cisco WebEx Meetings Server

Cisco Webex Meetings Server is a secure, fully virtualized, private cloud (on-premises) conferencing solution that combines audio, video, and web.

Cisco WebEx Meetings Server addresses the needs of today’s companies by presenting a comprehensive

conferencing solution with all the tools needed for effective and engaging collaboration. It delivers an interactive and productive experience for users.

You can deploy and manage Webex conferencing solution in private cloud, behind the firewall in your data center. It is designed for Cisco UCS servers and VMware vSphere.


Cisco WebEx products, it offers real-time collaboration tools, including document, application, and desktop sharing, annotation tools, full host control for effective meeting management, an integrated participant list with active talker, and video switching, recording and playback.

Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Installation

Cisco WebEx Meetings Server installation involves the deployment of virtual appliances.

System Requirements for Cisco WebEx Meetings depends on  number of users you anticipate will join a meeting at any given time, and if you  plan to add High Availability (HA) or Multi-data Center (MDC) to your system

Note: Check site for Cisco WebEx Meetings System Requirements;

I will walk you through the deployment and configuration step for  50-user system (is also described as a micro system) in lab environment with minimum System Requirements.

Deploy Cisco WebEx meeting Server

Download Cisco webex meeting server


To  Deploying Cisco WebEx Meetings, click “Files” Tab then “Deploy OVF template”


Read the license agreement, and if you agree click accept to continue


Then specify a name and location for the deployed template


Select a deployment configuration, I will choose  “50 Users Admin” for my lab


Select the Datastore and the Disk format in which you want to store the virtual disk.

Thick Provision  always recommend for production environment,  I will chose the thin Provision in my lab environment

cwms_08_deploy  cwms_09_deploy

Select the network adapter to deploy the CWMS server on.


assign name and configure IP address; GW and system language for your WebEx server


review your options and then click “Finish ” to start the deployment


wait until the Deployment complete


Then from the management console you can see “Cisco WebEx Meeting Server” virtual machine


After the Deployment completed successfully, start the virtual machine


After “Cisco WebEx Meeting Server” virtual machine was started. Logon to console and write down the URL and use a Web browser to administrate and configure  WebEx from the GUI.



Configure WebEx

Select the Language on the System Deployment windows and click Next


select the purpose of this deployment; I will select “Deploy a new system” since it is the first server on our lab.


follow the screenshot it is a self explanatory.

cwms_19_config  cwms_20_config

To show you other settings I will select the manual


Reverse Proxy Virtual machine must be installed on a production environment, but in my lab environment with limited HW resource I will not  select  to install


assign IP address to enable access from your network


Type WebEx Site that end user will use to access the server and Administration URL


Confirm the network configuration,  Host name and virtual machines

cwms_25_config  cwms_26_config

system capacity check


At this point the virtual machines installation was completed; let’s continue with the system configuration


configure the Mail Server


Setup the Time Zone and location

cwms_30_config  cwms_31_config

Setup Administrator and Auditor accounts


Create password


Sign In with Administrator account


after successful sign in you can see WebEx Administration Dashboard




Add Users

Sign in to the WebEx Administration GUI then click on the Users tab.

ITMug Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Install

Click  on “Add User”, then select the Account type and enter account information.

click on  “Save”



I am going to create two accounts “David Jack” and “John Smith” we may use them in our lab


Sign In to configure user account

After creating user account , the users will receive email with the link to create password


use the link  and Create password .


Sign in to the WebEx user GUI


configure your account

cwms_45_login  cwms_46_login

Schedule Meeting

We Deploy and configure WebEx and two user account was created and configured.

lets schedule meeting

Sign In to WebEx and click on the Meetings tab.

Note: must be a host type account

in this example “David Jack”(Host) with schedule a WebEx  meeting and invite John Smith(Attendance) to Join the meeting


Type brief description and enter date, time and duration for the meeting

add the email account to the attendants; when you finish all setting click on “Schedule it!”


The host should start the meeting then the attendance can join.


Attendance “John Smith” will receive email from Host  “David Jack” inviting him to WebEx meeting with the meeting URL, meeting number and password


sign in to meeting using the meeting password


Change Password

To reset or change the password, from the GUI click on “Forgot password” and enter the randomly generated key then click on “Submit”


the webEx will sent you an email with the URL to reset your password


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