Exchange Server Grant the Send As Permission for a Mailbox

Exchange Server Grant the Send As Permission for a Mailbox

At some cases is necessary to send email on behalf of other user or distribution group without exposing your own email address on the message header, Administrator can give the user  “Send As” permissions.


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Install and configure VMware vCenter 6.5 Appliance

Install and configure VMware vCenter 6.5 Appliance

Wolk you through installation of the new VMware vCenter 6.5 appliance, in this tutorial we are covering this areas, Installing appliance, Admin interface, creating folders, datacenters and clusters

Let’s get start  more…

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VMware NSX and Software Defined Data Center


Network virtualization platform NSX and Software Defined Data Center architecture

IT organizations have gained significant benefits as a direct result of server virtualization. Server consolidation reduced physical complexity, increased operational efficiency and the ability to dynamically re-purpose underlying resources to quickly and optimally meet the needs of increasingly dynamic business applications.
VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture is now extending virtualization technologies across the entire physical data center infrastructure. VMware NSX, the network virtualization platform, is a key product in the SDDC architecture. With NSX, virtualization delivers for networking what it has already delivered for compute and storage

Step By Step NSX Deployment ..more …


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V2V & P2V Migration Issues

After V2V or P2V Migration VM wouldn’t boot on Hyper-V, blue screen and : 0x0000007B error code appeared more …

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How to Edit the Registry when operating system fail to boot


Edit the Registry on a Secondary Drive

When the Operating system fail to boot because of registry errors, and  you need to access the registry in order to fix the error!! more …

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Install macOS X on VM


For many times my students asked me for the possibility to host (run) mac os on intel processor and/or hyper visor. to get familiar with os setting on their lab environments
the answer was Yes.
I have installed before (Leopard, Mountain Lion, El Capitan and Sierra) in my lab in order to give my students the opportunity to get familiar with macOS X and gain hands on experience.
This time I decided to post and share with you  the installation steps for macOS on a VM and the initial configuration


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