When we hear about proxy server; the first thing comes in our mind is the server which forwards the Request to internet (for internet access) and that is not wrong.
Proxy server mostly used in every environment in Forward Proxy Server Mode
My goal is to cover what is a proxy server, and what is different proxy server’s mode,

Proxy Server is an intermediary server between your web browser (client) which requests for some information/data and your server (web server/Application server) that process the data.

Proxy Server Mode: proxy servers works in three different modes.

1) Forward Proxy Server
2) Reverse Proxy Server
3) Open Proxy Server

Forward Proxy Servers: Forward Proxy Server is the most popular proxy mode and it present in almost all networks, which forward the request from the intranet clients (browser) to the internet servers.


Reverse Proxy Server: A Proxy Server which takes requests from external clients (web browsers) or Internet and forwards them to servers in an internal network is called as Reverse Proxy Server.  Acts as a front end server accept the requests and forward to Application servers (web, owa…)


Open Proxy Server: A Proxy Server which is accessible by any Internet user.
Any proxy server that doesn’t restrict its client to its own set of pre defined clients and allows any other client to connect to it.
An anonymous open proxy allows users to hide their IP address while browsing the Web/Internet services and use IP address for the Proxy Server.


Advantages of using Proxy Servers:

1) Filtering
2) Caching
3) Bypassing filters and censorship
4) Logging and eavesdropping
5) Gateways to private networks
6) Accessing services anonymously

a) I will consider load balance one of the major advantages of using reverse proxy.

b) Port forwarding and URL Map



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