A – Prerequisite Installation

A – Prerequisite Installation
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit
Before installing System Center and build cloud, let’s walk through the prerequisite
Download and install Windows assessment and Deployment kit for windows 8.1 (ADK)
Once you have downloaded the setup launch it on the server that you will install Microsoft System center 2012 R2 on.
Specify install path
Read the license agreement and then click “Accept” to continue
Select “Deployment Tools” and “Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE)” and then click “Install” to start installation
Installation will start, and the windows below will appear when installation complete
ADK_06  ADK_07

B – Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Installation

Before you start System Center installation makes sure that your server have HW requirement, IE Enhanced Sec. is off and the “Remote management” enabled
Once you have download and map the CD, Launch the setup with administrator permission on the server that you will install Microsoft System center 2012 R2 on.
From Virtual Machine manager, clicks install
Select feature to install
Type registration information and product key
Follow screen instruction and specify installation path
Provide database information and Domain account used by VMM service
ITmug Private cloud VMM  ITmug Private cloud VMM
Keep the default port configuration; you can change if there is any conflict with your current setting
Create a new virtual Machine library (to store assets, then we can use this asset to automate/build our cloud)
You can use existing library if you already have it
Review installation summary and then click install
The installation will start and it will show windows below when installation completed
Installation completed, now we are ready to login and configure System center
Vmm_14  Vmm_15