Delete a team project in TFS 2010

How to delete a team project in TFS 2010?

If you are using Team Foundation Server, you definitely have been in the situation that you want to delete a Team Project.

To delete a Team project, you have two possibilities.

1. Team Foundation Administration console
2. Visual Studio Command-line
Team Foundation Administration console

Use “Team Foundation Administration console” to delete team project, open the console using ‘Start – All Programs – Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010’


Select the server and expand “Application Tier”, then select Team Project Collections.

From team project list; select the team project you want to delete.
Delete bottom will appear, click “Delete”


In “Delete Team Projects” window” you can select to “delete all external artifacts” and/or “Delete workspaces data”, I will select both to permanently delete the projects and all data associated with this project. Click “Delete”

Visual Studio Command-line

You can delete a Team Project using TFSDeleteProject command, make sure that the account your are using to delete project is a member of one of the groups below in order to successfully run the command and delete the project

• Team Foundation Administrators security group
• Project Administrators security group.
How to use the command,
Start Visual Studio Command Prompt and type:
“TFSDeleteProject” then press enter.

TFSDeleteproject [/q] [/force] [/excludewss] /collection:URL TeamProjectName

/q = Optional: Use the quiet mode. Do not prompt the user for confirmation.
/excludewss = Optional. Specifies to not delete the SharePoint site that is associated with the team project. Specify this option to maintain the existing site so that other team projects can continue using it.
/collection:url =Required. Specifies the URI of the team project collection.
/force = The program should continue even if some parts cannot be deleted.

Enter the following command in the Visual Studio Command Prompt to delete “ITmugWeb” project created earlier in this blog.

TFSDeleteproject /force /collection:http://ITmugTFS:8080/tfs/Cllection2015 ITmugWeb

Enter ‘Y’ to continue

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