Visual SourceSafe configuration

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Installation is a straightforward; I will skip the Installation and show the configuration steps.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the step of  creating project in VSS, adding  users and assigning rights. Let’s start

Create project

Start Visual SourceSafe Explorer by double clicking on “Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0

File –> Create Project

Type name for your project (example: Java) then click OK to create the project

On my Visual SourceSafe I have created project as below

Create user

Double clicking on “Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Admin”

Click Users –> “Add User…”


Type “User name” and “Password” then click OK to create the user

Repeat steps above for each user, I have created additional user as below


Rights Assignment

After creating projects and users successfully, now I will show you how to set rights.
You can set “rights by project” or “rights for User” but before that you have to enable Project security

Enable Project security
Double clicking on “Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Admin”
Tools –> Options


Check “Enable Project security”

Choose proper rights for the default user rights

Rights for User

Select user from list (example: Ahmet) and then from Tools –> click “rights Assignment for User…”
Modify user rights on the root folder (example: assign read or none)

Chen click “Add Assignment”

Select project (Highlight) and assign a proper user rights.

You can check the assignment for each user; you can see windows similar to windows below
As you can see in my example, user “Ahmet” has none permission on the root, read on net project and RCA on prototype.

Rights by Project

From Tools –> click “rights by project…”

Select project, on right side it will list all user assignment for this project.

Select the user from list and modify the user rights or click “Add User” to add user for project and set a proper rights

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