VAGRANT Installation

VAGRANT Installation

At this post, I will use Vagrant with VirtualBox but you can also use Vagrant with many other providers.

Then I will walk you through your first Vagrant project, and show the basics of Vagrant environment setup.

Let’s take a look at how to get Vagrant set up in a Windows environment.

Install the latest version of Vagrant and VirtualBox as our virtualization provider in this post before diving into your first project.

Verifying the VAGRANT Installation, by running “vagrant -v” in command windows.

  vagrant -v

Verifying VirtualBox Installation, because it is a new installation, so there is no virtual machine


The first thing you need to do after installing is to select a box from Vagrant Cloud that you want to build from.



Initialize and Boot Vagrant Box

After you’ve chosen a box, initialize the Vagrant box.

Create a project folder, open command window in project folder


To initialize vagrant box type:

vagrant init puppetlabs/centos-6.6-64-puppet

This will also create a Vagrantfile for you. You can modify the file as needed, but I will keep it simple in this post and I will use the default setting

Boot the box with Vagrant (the first time it will need to download it before booting it):

  vagrant up


SSH into the Box

After vagrant box started, SSH into the box (use putty) or use the console to start customizing it. Here’s how to SSH into the box:

  vagrant ssh

Some vagrant command to start/stop the vagrant machine:

Stops the vagrant machine

vagrant halt

stops and deletes all traces of vagrant machine

vagrant destroy

suspend the vagrant machine

vagrant suspend

To get more help type:

vagrant -h



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