Network Virtualization

How to install the Cisco Nexus 1000v Switch

One of the amazing virtualization technologies for enterprise that have a dedicated team for servers and Network.

Nexus 1000v is Cisco virtual switch that deploy on vCenter.

Actually i have created this screenshots long time ago, but unfortunately before i start post it, i realized that i reach the limit on my free web host server.

Now I will upload the screenshots, and I promise you to create a new screenshot with detail explanation and then vDS vs Nexus 1000v

N1K01 N1K02 N1K03 N1K04 N1K05 N1K06



Select your datacenter object again and click Next.

N1K07 N1K08

Select the datastore to install the Nexus switch

N1K09 N1K10


I will use Thick Provisioning though feel free to select Thin if you wish. Click Next.

N1K11 N1K12 N1K13 N1K14 N1K15 N1K16

Logon to ESX Host that host Nexus switch and then power on the virtual switch

you cannot power on the switch from vCenter

N1K17 N1K18 N1K19 N1K20 N1K21 N1K22 N1K23 N1K24 N1K25 N1K26 N1K27 N1K28 N1K29 N1K30 N1K31 N1K32 N1K33 N1K34 N1K35 N1K36 N1K37 N1K38 N1K39 N1K40 N1K41 N1K42 N1K43 N1K44 N1K45 N1K46 N1K47

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