Windows 2003R2 AD

Windows 2003 R2 Active Directory service

One of most successful Microsoft product is Active Directory service, centralize management for users and computer, manage users and computer in an OU (organization Units) and create /apply group policy for each group.

Create forest, domain, child domain …etc, mange site, replication, policy…Etc

AD first release was with window 2000 Server,

Screenshot and steps below illustrates step-by-step AD service installation, and basic configuration.

Requirement: properly installed windows 2003 R2 (preferable fresh installation)


1-assign static IP address, subnet mask and gateway (Note: DNS IP is the same server IP)


2- Click Start — > Run and type “dcpromo


3- Active Directory Installation windows will open, please follow screen instructions

DC04   DC05

4- Since this is your first domain controller, choose “Domain Controller for a new domain”


5- Choose “Domain in a new forest”


6- Type the full DNS name for the new domain and it will ask for NetBIOS name and for folder to store Active directory Database and Log.

DC08   DC09

DC10   DC11

7- Next step you will install DNS server, (you can use existed one if it is already installed)

DC12   DC13

DC14   DC15

DC16   DC18

8- That is it. Installation completed and you must restart the server in order to change take effect.

DC19   DC20

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