vSphere 6.0 Client

vSphere 6.0 Client installation

I will give a fairly simple step-by-step vSphere Client installation on Windows server
Let’s get started!
Mount vCenter DVD and launch the vCenter installer
Select “vSphere Client” and then click Install
Select the language for the installation
Click next and on the next window accept the license Agreement and click next
Follow the screen instruction and click finish to exit the wizard when the installation successfully completed.
Click “VMware vSphere Client” on your desktop
Type vCenter Server name /IP to manage multiple hosts ( or type the ESX host name/IP to directly manage a single host).
After successful logon to vCenter click “Home”
vsc_10   vsc_10_b
Now let’s create Datacenter and then add host
vsc_11  vsc_12
let’s Add Host

Hope you enjoyed, in my next post I will explain how to configure network and create Standard Switch, Distributed Switch and port group..

Then we will jump to VMware NSX for vSphere 6