HP Smart Array

HP Smart Array

This page will guide you through the configuration and management of your array controllers.
Controllers are configured by grouping together physical drives attached to each controller into arrays, and then subdividing each array into one or more logical drives. By grouping physical drives into logical drives you can increase the performance and fault tolerance of your storage.

To begin configuration, please Click “HP Array Configuration Utility” from HP System tools
Smart Array ACU_01
Select a device from the drop down control located in the top left corner of the Welcome page
Smart Array ACU
Figure below shows array A, Array B and logical Drive assigned to array in addition to Unassigned Drivers (in this example 2 x 146 GB SAS Drive)

Let’s begin create an array from a physical drive
Click “Unassigned Drivers” then “Create array”
Smart Array ACU

Smart Array ACU
Now select the physical drive for the new Array (I will select the 2 driver) then click “OK”
Smart Array ACU

Smart Array ACU
The new array was created now (Array C) and the next step is to create a logical drive
Smart Array ACU
Click “create a logical drive” since I have only two drive for Array C so I have the only options are “RAID 0” and “RAID 1”
If I have more drivers, then I will have more options as an example to create RAID 5 ( you have to select 3 drivers at least for RAID 5 , as in  Array B)
Smart Array ACU_07
Clicks “save” to create the logical drive
Smart Array ACU_08
And Physical View
Smart Array ACU_09


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