What is DevOps and what was the need behind it?

The Water-fall model chosen by top companies and worked fine for many years however both Development and Operations had challenges.

The Waterfall model evolved into Agile which solve Development challenges, development teams working on the software in short sprints. Having a short release cycle helped the development team work on client feedback and incorporate it along with bug fixes in the next release. But this approach did not brought agility to Operations thus the Lack of collaboration between Developers and Operations Engineers still slowed down the development process and releases.

DevOps methodology come as a response to this need for better collaboration and faster delivery. DevOps enables continuous software delivery and faster resolution of problems.

The DevOps become the default approach to develop high quality software in shorter development cycles which leads to greater customer satisfaction.


The figure below illustrates the life cycle of DevOps .. I plan to cover as many technology as possible through my publications, Hopefully they will be useful to some of you.

I will walk you through the tools that allow you to automate, customize, provision and configure your Infrastructure including virtual environments.

Puppet and Chef are the two most widely used provisioners, Ansible has been available with agent-less client, Vagrant (uses “Provisioners” and “Providers” to manage the development environments), Terraform (Infrastructure as Code) and Docker...etc